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MONEY MINING - Value Extraction On A Vast Scale

Our unique approach to Enterprise Optimisation helps mining companies make a step change in their economic performance, by developing long term plans with significantly better cash flow profiles, increasing their Net Present Value by 5% to 35%, or considerably more.

  • A revolutionary way of thinking
  • No feasibility study should be done without these principles
  • Hard to believe so few mining companies follow these concepts, the potential is huge
  • The future of mining
  • One of the most significant innovations that I have seen in almost 30 years of experience in the mining industry

Higher early cash flows, usually measured in hundreds of millions of dollars, allow mining companies to:

  • Increase exploration expenditure
  • Invest in profitable expansion projects
  • Undertake acquisitions or defend against take-overs
  • Enhance environmental and social programs
  • Survive market, technical, political and environmental threats and events
  • Increase returns and reduce risk for their debt and equity investors, making it easier to raise finance for capital programs

Resulting plans usually have higher production levels:

  • Increasing employment
  • Increasing government royalties and taxes
  • Increasing returns to shareholders

... a win-win for all stakeholders.

With strong cash flows, mining company boards have the power and independence to pursue their ambitions, grow their businesses, and exploit a wider range of options.

In today's volatile world, mining company management needs every possible edge to compete for capital, staff, and other resources.

Enterprise Optimisation can make the difference between whether a new project gets approved or not, or whether an existing operation flourishes or fails.

Examples of recent results of Enterprise Optimisation studies (cash flow):




To discuss how Enterprise Optimisation and the Money Mining concepts might apply to your business contact Managing Director This email address has been hidden from Spam Bots, you will need JavaScript enabled to view it

Enterprise Optimisation brochure available for download:   English   Spanish

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